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The Charismatic Tom Nauw Joins Visenso!

Madrid, Spain

After 7+ Years with JW Marriott Marquis, Dubai Tom has decided to spread his wings and join Visenso!

A bit of background

All the way from Dubai to Madrid, Tom Nauw has recently joined Visenso as Commercial Director and Partner. A graduate of Maastricht Hotel Management School with BBA in Hotel, Motel and Restaurant Management in 2013, he was most recently responsible for Leisure, MICE & Corporate Travel of the European market at JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai. In the last decade, Tom has dedicated himself to become a leader in the global hospitality market working in various divisions, roles and responsibilities. He's worked tirelessly to earn the respect and trust of his international clients, and is now ready to build on those relationships offering a more rounded service.

Game on.

The travel bug

Tom has had a passion for traveling in his blood since childhood, as a result of various trips around Europe with his parents. He has since traveled to more than 40 countries. Still bitten by the “travel bug” and Keen to understand cultural and culinary differences, he aims to continue expanding his travels and now share that knowledge with agencies, concierge companies, tour operators and incentive houses looking for authentic and expert know how internationally. A true connoisseur of Food, Wine and Luxury Travel, both for personal as well as business purposes, he truly represents the Luxury Travel Ambassador image we live for at Visenso.

In his words

When asked why join a new project like Visenso, and leave an established name with a Global company like Marriot his answer speaks for itself:

"Since I started talking to Sergio, its been obvious we have similar views in where our industry is headed: individualism, personalised services, sustainably conscious, authenticity, and unique experiences are all words the define what the modern traveller is looking for. The idea of igniting all 5 senses to the most demanding travellers, and offering a service that involves our passion for luxury, destinations and hospitality in general was a mouthwatering prospect. It's been a well thought decision that we started speaking about over a year ago. This combined with my eagerness to spread my wings was a no brainer for me. I can't wait to get started".

Why Tom?

He is a straight shooter, with tireless energy, a no-nonsense approach, and an infectious charisma. In other words my definition of a Maverick. He is the perfect addition to Visenso. I first met Tom through industry colleagues and will never forget our first business trip together. It was immediately obvious that even at his young age he was very well respected by his seniors, peers, and clients. He will be the last one standing at an industry event and the freshest guy at his appointments the next morning.

Luxury Travel Ambassadors

Tom understands that Commercial Relationships expand further than just having a business card, an agreement, or conducting a transactional sale. At Visenso, we believe in igniting all 5 senses and it's where our concept started: offering an offline service similar to that of an Ambassador, hence the slogan "Luxury Travel Ambassadors". It's the intangible way of expressing what a destination, hotel, villa, or event has that can make a client want it. We are the face of our international partners for the Iberian Peninsula, and we don't work in the traditional representation way — Tom understands this.

Tom’s responsibility will be driving over all sales to our portfolio in all segments, as well as creating awareness for the brand internationally. With his network, MICE know how, great organizational skills, and his eagerness, I strongly believe our existing portfolio and any new partners who join us will benefit massively from his expertise. I am excited not only to bring a talent like him to continue showing the value of working with Visenso, but also an industry colleague and friend with whom to share and drive this ambition.

Sergio Taveras

Managing Director

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