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Back to the roots

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

This month, Santo Domingo Times - a high end invitation only magazine, has featured our Founder and Managing Director Sergio Taveras, discussing his career and the origins of Visenso.

“I believe it’s a proud moment for anyone to be featured in an article in their home country. Despite having lived in more than 8 cities internationally, I am very connected to my roots and extremely passionate about the Dominican Republic. I hope through this article I can inspire fellow and young aspiring hoteliers to chase an international career. Dominicans have a unique fire within them, and many of my business traits or interpersonal skills implemented through Visenso, I have obtained through the nature of our culture”. Speaking about his home country, he revealed to Santo Domingo Times that he’s been working on something back home: “I’ve always wanted to do something around luxury hospitality in the DR. We have already started that work with our great partners in the island Volalto Group and The Ocean Club, but theres more to be done. The Island in the past has had a reputation as an all inclusive destination, yet it has so much more to offer. I want to show the affluent international traveler the true Dominican Hospitality, or as I like to call it “slow paced luxury”. I aim to do this through igniting the senses just like we do at Visenso.

Stay tuned for the announcement coming soon of our plans”. Read the full article in Santo Domingo Times, April 2020 Edition.

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